A Better Way to Manage Insurance for Employers

Successfully transition to an employee benefit model that reduces costs and puts employees in control.

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How does Benafica work?

  1. A personal Benefit Account (PBA) is established for each employee.
  2. A benefit allowance is made through payroll into each PBA.
  3. With assistance of personal benefit counselors employees select their
    benefit plans for health, dental, life, disability etc.
  4. Insurance premium payments are automatically deducted from
    each respective Personal Benefit Accounts.

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What is a benefit allowance?

  • Money contributed by the employer to purchase benefits
  • Money contributed by the employee to purchase benefits

Employer’s Defined Contribution

Defined Contribution

Employer sets a monthly benefit allowance (a defined contribution) for employees

Employee Classes

Give different contributions based on job criteria and family status

Payroll Information

Use your existing payroll system to make contributions

Employee’s Voluntary Contribution


Employees choose their insurance plan for health, dental, and more

Voluntary Contribution

Employees contribute toward their share of the premium through a payroll deduction


Employees can keep their insurance when they leave the company in many cases

Benafica Benefit Exchange Solutions:

As healthcare costs climb and the burden increases on employers and employees, one thing is evident: the time for change is upon us. Benafica is a platform that administers private and public exchange solutions, and is helping employers transform how they sponsor, structure, and deliver health and ancillary benefits.

Whether your company supports group or voluntary solutions, Benafica gives you coverage options for your complete workforce, including full-time staff, part-time staff and retirees.